Turn your stakeholders into owners
Whether you raise $1, $10 or $100 million over the years, Fairmint receives an equivalent of $50K worth in your CAFE offering.
And you get access to our stakeholder management tools for less than $1 per investor per month.
Straightforward pricing, fully aligned with your success.
Up to 25 owners
Raise funds from your stakeholders, start announcing it to your community
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Raise funds and let your community participate in the upside of success
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Starting at
Access all advanced features to turn your community into owners
Estimate your monthly cost
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Having pricing tied to the number of equity owners gives Fairmint a strong incentive to deliver their best throughout the process and make sure we're successful.
Joey Ryan
CFO and Co-founder @ Gilded.finance
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Monthly feesfreefrom $24.99from $399
Issuances FeesWaived for all CAFE offerings launched during our early access
Maximum CAFE ownersup to 25up to 500unlimited
Live CAFE Captable
Stakeholder Dashboard
Administration Panel
Communication Page
Technical Setup
Offering Metrics & Simulation
Custom $Security Name
Custom Branding and Domain
Integrated Compliance (KYC, KYB, AML, ...)
Templates for Legal Teams
Reg D 506c/Reg S Exemption Support
Reg D 504 Exemption Support
Reg A/A+ Exemption SupportOn demand
Stakeholders Compensation Pools
CAFE Option Pools
409(a) valuationOn demand
Custom SupportOn demand
SAFE to CAFE upgradeOn demandOn demand
Shares to CAFE transferOn demandOn demand
Estimate your monthly cost
Using Fairmint technology, you will only be charged on stakeholders who effectively are owners of your securities.
We strive to align ourselves with the long term success of our customers, and we want to support them at any stage. Whether you end up raising $500K, $1M or $100M over the years, you only pay a tiny monthly platform fee per CAFE owner, preserving your hard-earned treasury. Likewise, the cost of our technology is compensated in equity with a one-time fixed $50K worth allocation in your CAFE offering. READY?
Frequently asked questions
Do your plans all include a custom and branded design with a custom domain ?

Yes, all our plans include your own customized stackholder backend allowing you to issue your own securities, on your own website or app.

Which countries do you support?

To date, Fairmint can serve any company headquartered in the US. We work hard to open new juridictions and we keep connecting with law firms partners and with CPA firms all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner or if you would like to introduce us to securities lawyers and CPAs.

I am not sure if Fairmint is right for me. Can I get more details?

Let’s discuss about it asap. Click on the 'Get Early Access' button to book a meeting with us.

I have previous investors. Do you have an offer to technically upgrade them to our CAFE offering?

Yes, your previous investors can upgrade their SAFE, convertibles notes, shares to upgrade to your CAFE offering. Contact us to get to know more on this process.

I want to run a CAFE Option pool. Do you provide with a 409(a) valuation?

Yes, you can replace your ESOP with a CAFE option pool and we provide you with a 409(a) valuation report. Our Business Valuation team counts among the most knowledgeable and experimented people on the topic.

I want to run a Rule 701 compensation plan. Do you provide with the technical framework for such a plan?

Yes, you can replace your ESOP and use your CAFE offering as a tool to compensate your service providers. Contact us for setting it up and start compensating your key stakholders.

I already have my own attorney. Do I need to consult with one of your partner law firms for our legal?

You can decide to work with your attorney or pick up one of our partner law firms. This is your choice. For more information, please contact us or join our upcoming live webinar.